The olive oil of Anthidon

The main criteria for the evaluation of olive oil have been determined by the International Olive Council (ICE) and they are based on three key factors: the acidity, the oxidation and the organoleptic characteristics (smell-color-flavor).The olives we cultivate are Megarian varieties.The olive oil which is produced has deep green color and it's distinguished for its slightly spicy flavor and fruity aroma. Depending on its acidity, the olive oil is classified into several categories. Extra virgin olive oil is the olive oil with a degree of maximum acidity of 0.8gr in 100g of olive oil, or 0.8%. It is considered to be the best in quality oil (natural juice), obtained from the fruit of the olive tree exclusively using mechanical or natural methods and always under low temperature conditions. The olive oil we produce is exclusively extra virgin, and for the most part its acidity is much lower than 0.8%. Its unique ingredients make it a high nutritional value, the beneficial properties of which are scientifically proven. The choice of olive oil that we pack is strictly from fine Olive. It is not blended with other types of olive oil. The process of extrusion is done at low temperatures and in ideal processing times and the result is excellent. ISO Certificate The standard complies with HACCP regulations according to ISO 2200: 2005.  All storage tanks are INOX and the oil transport tubes are certified according to the ISO standard. To be able to talk about a high quality final olive oil product, it should: The olives to be healthy and intact. To be transported in the same day to the mill and dispose of immediately. Do not come in contact with temperatures above 27oC at any stage of production. The olive oil which is produced must be properly evaluated and stored accordingly. Be strictly checked against all possible parameters before shipping and bottling. Any space that hosts the olive oil or olive oil in every form should be free of insects - rodents - microorganisms - bacteria, etc. Strict controls on packaging materials that come into contact with the product must be carried out and must come exclusively from factories which apply safety and hygiene systems during the production process. Record the entire product path, step by step from the estate to the packaging. (What we call traceability). Homer called it "wet gold," Asclepius referred to as "hyma" and Hippocrates said "a great healer". The olive oil is a miraculous source of nutrients.  It is the invaluable treasure of Greek nature, which should not be missed by the daily table.