Anthidon is a family company which produces excellent virgin olive oil and vegetable oil. Our name comes from the ancient area of Anthidona, which is located in the Evia a little bit ouside of Chalkida and it is our origin place and but also the area where our olive groves are located.

All this started in 1950, when our grandfather planted our first olive trees. His primary purpose was to cover the family's annual need for olive oil and then to sell a quantity on the local market.

Over the years, each of the younger generations has continued cultivating and producing with the aim of increasing the production but also the expanding markets, by combining the excellent quality of the product.

Cultivation is now carried out according to modern codes of farming practic and a group of argonomists regularly supervising the crop, ensuring the high quality of the olive oil.

In 2012 the fourth generation takes over the guidance of the family production and makes one step further, designing new packaging that represents and reflects the high quality of the olive oil and expanding the company's range. After SIXTY years from our first crop, tha excellent virgin olive oil Anthidon successed to "travel"  from Anthidona to every corner of beautiful Greece. Our vision is to continue evolving, by investing in foreign markets with high quality products, cultivated and prepared with methods that respect the traditions and the environment. With the same wish and passion that our progenitors had, we guarantee that each of our products which arriving to your family table, will offer you full flavors, rich aromas, and all the nutritional values of the Mediterranean diet

The olive oil of Anthidona is available in selected supermarkets, mini markets, delicatesseen and restaurants.


Dark Bottles, Dorica, Marasca