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The website www.anthidon.gr is the online store selling products via the internet, the company under the name "ATHAN. ANGELOS "and the distinctive title" -PRODUCTS ". The company's business activity is commercial and beverage sales, located in the Halkida area, with NFPs. , DIY HALKIDAS.

Contact details of our company

E-mail: info@anthidon.gr

Order Phones: 6977266255 - 22210 96140

By creating this online store, our company aims to inform all Internet users about all of our products in conjunction with the ability to make purchases via our online ordering always subject to the availability of the products. The use of our online store www.anthidon.gr and the realization of your purchases through it are determined and governed by the following terms and conditions that are fully compatible with applicable Greek, European and international law.

Make sure you have read and understood the following and agree to these terms and conditions by undertaking the obligation to observe them, as re-use of the website www.anthidon.gr and making purchases through it implies your explicit and unconditional consent and accepting them.


The users of this website recognize the Company's right to unilaterally modify parts, details and provisions of these terms and the content of its website whenever deemed necessary in accordance with honest practices and good faith without prior notice, consent or consensus , provided they do not involve binding legal obligations of the company and without affecting already placed orders. In any case, www.anthidon.gr undertakes to inform them in due time.

Any contract made by www.anthidon.gr uses the Greek language, which you state that you fully understand (writing and reading). .

In any case, it is forbidden to use our e-shop by minors, that is people who have not reached the age of 18, as well as persons who are not legal persons.

Users of this site are required to use our online store in accordance with law, morality and these terms and conditions, and not to commit or omit any act that may cause damage or malfunction of the site, or affect or place compromise the provision of our e-shop services or have an offensive or criminal offense.


In order to make any transaction through www.anthidon.gr and in particular to order our company's products, you are required to initiate an account and then fill in the order form, where you will be required to disclose certain personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, etc.

In accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data as provided for by Greek and European Law and by international conventions on electronic commerce issues (eg Directives 2000/31 / EC and 95/46 / EC, Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection , Law 2472/1997 on the Protection of Individuals from the Processing of Personal Data as Valid), www.anthidon.gr commits and expressly declares that it will not make any unlawful or illegal use of your personal data, that these will remain confidential and with no one if it does not disclose, publicize, sell, lease or exchange it to any third party, except for the application of relevant legal dictates to the competent public authorities alone.

Www.anthidon.gr may use the details of the customer-users who arrive at it when submitting their order in order to communicate directly with them regarding the completion and execution of their order. Furthermore, www.anthidon.gr may keep, file, use or process part or all of the items you have sent to place your order in order to support and promote our business relationship, as well as for reasons statistics or website traffic. Each user / client of www.anthidon.gr reserves the right to update, access or oppose further processing of his / her data pursuant to Articles 11-13 of Law 2472/1997, as in force.


The name, badge, logo, images, graphics, logos, insignia, texts and everything else on the website www.anthidon.gr are intellectual and industrial property of our company and are protected in accordance with with the law. Trademarks, names, or other intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties on our site are protected in accordance with applicable law. It is forbidden to the client user to copy, reproduce, disseminate, distribute, transmit or otherwise use them in addition to the uses expressly stated on this website.


Www.anthidon.gr is committed to the completeness and validity of the content, data and information available on its website, provided that it originates exclusively from itself and its affiliates and has no responsibility for completeness and validity information and data retransmitted and reproduced from third sources on its website.This site may contain references to other sites. Www.anthidon.gr is not responsible for the content of these pages or for any damage or damage that may result from their use, as the user has access to them solely under his / her own responsibility.

Www.anthidon.gr does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed on its website, but undertakes the obligation to inform customers in good time about their availability. Www.anthidon.gr does not bear any responsibility in case of failure to fulfill its obligations against customers due to accidental events or reasons of force majeure or the fault of other entities.

Our online store makes every effort to ensure the proper and proper operation of this site and is not responsible for any technical problems or viruses that may occur to users related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with this site.

In no event will www.anthidon.gr be liable for any civil and / or criminal claims, nor for any damages (positive, special or incidental, which are indicative, but not limited, alternatively and / or cumulatively, loss of profits, loss of earnings, financial satisfaction, etc.) by users of this site or third parties due to a cause and / or the fact that the website is / are inoperable and / or inability to provide services and / or information made available by it and / and from any unauthorized interventions, and / or information available through it. In the above cases, the user waives the terms and conditions of any right or claim.


The customer through our e-shop site is informed by the company before the order is completed of the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, the price, the quantity, the transportation costs, the way payment, delivery, the duration and the price of the potential offer, as well as the right of withdrawal. It is clarified that all the prices of the products listed and displayed on our website include the legally prescribed Value Added Tax (today 23% or 13%, as the case may be) and all the Special Consumption Taxes provided, without prejudice to the right of our company to adjust these values ​​whenever necessary.


The customer is informed before each order for the following rights:

A) Right of Exit

Within 14 calendar days of receipt of the products of your order, you have the right to withdraw without charge from the purchase of some or all of your order products by returning our products to our company in the same excellent condition you received them and only paying their refund costs. In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, www.anthidon.gr will refund to you within thirty (30) calendar days of return the full amount of the refunded products, and the refund method of your money will be determined by contacting and consulting with you . It is clarified that the amount of money that will be refunded to you due to withdrawal from the contract and upon return of the ordered products corresponds purely and exclusively to the paid amount of the purchase of the products and not to the amount paid which corresponds to their shipping costs.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you should: a) complete and send the special withdrawal notice you find here; b) include the retail receipt at the same time as sending the withdrawal statement. and (c) send to our address the product in the same excellent condition as you received it, without altering, unsealing or tampering with the packaging and confirming that the product's special markings have not been removed. Return and withdrawal will only be accepted upon prior approval of our company on the basis of the above terms and conditions.

B) Right of Replacement / Return:

Despite our ongoing effort to provide you with the best possible service, there is a small chance that the product you receive will be defective or corrupted. If, then, our company is at fault, then you have the right within 48 hours of receipt of the defective or corrupted product to request either replacement or return of your money. In this case, you must notify our company within the above deadline and report specifically the problem that has arisen, as well as send us the product in the condition you received, at your expense, accompanied by the invoice issued Sale - Bulletin or Retail Receipt - Bulletin. If your return is found to be defective or corrupted by our fault, our company will cover its return costs and, after consultation with you, will either send you a fresh new product or return your money.

C) Ability to Cancel an Order

Finally, you can cancel your order indefinitely, provided the cancellation is done before it is shipped. If the order is canceled after shipment and before delivery, the customer is charged only with the relevant shipping costs.

Note (1): If you receive a wrong product (ie a product other than the one you ordered), please let us know immediately, in order to replace it immediately, at no cost for transport costs.

Note (2): In any case where you request a refund of a part or your entire order for any of the above reasons, please contact our company for your best and most efficient service.


The total price of our products listed and displayed on our website includes the legal and projected VAT of 24% and 13%, without prejudice to the right to re-pricing these prices whenever deemed necessary.


Ordering through our online store www.anthidon.gr constitutes a contract for distance selling governed by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 as it stands.

The above terms and conditions of use of our online store, as well as any modification, renewal or alteration of these and all contracts that are generally concluded, are governed by applicable national, Community and international law. In particular, the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as amended by Law 3587/2007, which regulate issues related to electronic commerce and the sale of products by distance, as well as the relevant provisions of European Law . Competent courts to resolve any legal disputes that may arise and will not be resolved amicably by the visit or use of this website as well as the distance contracts concluded, shall become the Courts of Thessaloniki.


The customer through the website of our online store is informed by the company prior to the completion of his order of the identity and address of the supplier, the essential characteristics of the product, the price, the quantity, the transportation costs, the method of payment, delivery, the duration and the price of the potential bid and the right of withdrawal.