Olive oil qualities

The olive oil which is obtained from mature olives, after being cleaned and separated from the kernels, it is called virgin. The virgin olive oil stands out according to its acidy to: Extra virgin olive oil (acidy <0.8% per 100 g), Chosen virgin olive oil (acidy <1.5% per 100 g), Virgin olive oil (acidy <2.0% per 100 g). What is acidy? Acidy is the main criterion for qualitative evaluation of olive oil and it is the one that determines its commercial value. Its degree of acidy indicates the content of oleic acid in the product.The way of harvesting, storing and estimating can influence the final acidity of the olive oil.The role of the olive  oil's quality in taste and health is decisive.That is why the consumer must know how to distinguish the various qualitative forms and accordingly make choices.Apart from virgin olive oil, there are two other categories of olive oil, processed and olive oil.The refined comes from degraded (non-edible olive oils) after various physicochemical methods.These degraded olive oils can be derived several times from multi-brewed and multi-cooked olive oils that have used a lot of restaurant and taverns. Oxidation products in large quantities can affect fat, heart and arteries, are also considered as carcinogens. Furthermore, intense oxidation leads to the creation of an acrolein, a component that it's believed that it can affect the central nervous system, and causes injury to liver cells or causes various allergic reactions in the body. It can also comes from shop and industrial olive oil. Finally, consumers must know that refined olive oil is widely used in restaurants because of its low price. The olive oil (ex Coupe) is a mixture of refined and virgin in unspecified proportions. We find it on the supermarket's shelves and several times in the olive oil juice which is been solding in the streets. In general, the consumer before buying the olive oil must know that: It must have a nice taste and smell, that is, it has to smell like a fresh olive. To be clear, transparent and not to have dirt (brush). Of course an oil can be blurry when it is been produced recently, but something like that can not happen when they are on the shelves of the shops. Consumers are advised to avoid buying oil from vendors, something that is unfortunate. The secret of Cretans long life, the famous study of the seven countries, designed by Angel Keys, when published, revealed that the Cretan health was the best in the world. Cancer and cardiovascular were rare, since the deaths per 100,000 people in Crete were only 9 vs. 466 in Finland. This proved to be due to the Cretan diet, with olive oil being the main ingredient.